About us

Let's face it. Design tools expect crafters to be highly skilled and tech-savvy.
Let's realize it. Crafters struggle with complex and out-dated vector graphic design tools as these need hours of planning, and skill to create professional designs.

We are on a mission to make vector designing a fast, fun and rewarding experience for crafters and designers.

At BrushKite, one of our founders, Susrut being a crafter himself, came across the crafting community's pain.
We developed a basic version of the application and shared it with crafting friends. They absolutely loved the application and thought this could be the next big thing for the crafting community.

And here we are. BrushKite is the only app with exclusive features to generate professional SVG designs within seconds. Design realtime and generate millions of SVG cut files. It is the fastest SVG design generator! BrushKite helps you save hours planning, choosing fonts, adding graphics.

1000s of Crafters and printers from all over the world absolutely love BrushKite.♥♥