Mandalas in Brushkite

Mandala with BrushKite

Why are Mandalas so popular among Crafters? If you are a crafter or you own a laser cutter, you might have seen the internet explode with mandala designs. Have you ever wondered why Mandala designs are so popular? Mandalas represent Chakras, which represents a broader meaning of life, our inner self or the universe. The … Read more

What’s new – Brand new version of the platform

What's New BrushKite Aug 2020

New Features & Improvements New Graphics Panel Adding graphics into Brushkite is faster than ever now with the new graphics panel popup. We have removed the Graphics selection tab and have combined the Graphics and the Upload section as a popup panel. This enables you to insert graphics into the stage without having to go … Read more

Best Short Coffee Sayings for Crafters

70+ Best Coffee Sayings

Two words Coffee now. Coffee please. Coffee time. Coffee lover. Coffee break. Coffee inspires. Coffee lady. Coffee addicted. Three words Just brew it. But first coffee. Coffee is coming. Rise and grind. Coffee needs coffee. Coffee before talkie. More coffee please. Insert coffee begin. Coffee is life. Enjoy your coffee. Coffee to go. Its coffee … Read more