Best YouTube channel for crafting with Glowforge – Ideas, Inspiration and Tutorials

An increasing number of people are unleashing their creativity using the Glowforge 3D Laser Printer. After all, as the company’s tagline puts it – with Glowforge, you can “make magical things at the push of a button”.

But how do we go about learning new designs and usage of this useful tool? Thanks to countless bloggers and YouTubers, all the knowledge and information are available at the click of your hand.

Some of the sources which you may find useful are:


What’s a better way to start the list other than starting it with the king of the trade itself?

If you wish to be the first to receive updates about Glowforge products and additions, Glowforge’s youtube channel is the one to follow!

With countless explainer videos, you can find your source for new ideas and customer reviews before deciding to buy the product or undertake a new project.

Glowforge also has a huge presence on Instagram with close to 185k followers. So, for regular updates, you can follow their youtube channel and their Instagram page:

Ken’s Kreations Home Decor DIY

If you wish to make some stunning home decor pieces that fit perfectly under your budget, then Ken’s Kreations Home Decor DIY youtube channel can be your go-to source.

You can also look for coupon codes that the YouTuber shares on the channel for extra discounts on your next purchases.

As Ken and Shean say, “Why buy it, when you can make it!”

Kim and Garrett make it

A creative couple, always working with the motive of “We Can Make It!” Kim and Garrett upload new videos every week in which they undertake projects which cover a wide range of things such as home decor, furniture, home improvements, and renovations.

If you like their projects, you can make similar ones or you can buy some of them from their online shop:

Salt Make City

A makers community, started by 2 Youtubers – Steve and Derrick – who love exploring science & making creative items using their Glowforge 3D printer.

From woodwork, fabricate designing to science projects, the two guys have it all covered on their youtube channel.

You can also follow their journey on their Instagram page:


For review on every Glowforge update and new techniques, the JDM3D youtube channel can provide you with tons of videos that will suit what you wish to see.

The Youtuber provides tools, tips, tutorials, upgrades and product recommendations to all things around laser cutting and 3d printing.

Fresh Start Customs

Joshua Wenning’s Fresh Start Customs is where the YouTuber likes to consolidate all her custom hobbies in one place for everyone to like and share.

With playlists such as the ‘new Glowforge users walkthrough guide,’ you can learn numerous things about the technicalities and updates around Glowforge.

What’s more is that the page also offers other helpful videos on topics that are not limited to Glowforge, such as: laser engraving, Photoshop tutorials, illustrator help, and small house projects.

For customer reviews and regular updates, you can also follow their Facebook channel:

John Kuiphoff

You will find tutorials on this youtube channel on how to make creative items such as laser-cut router templates.

John also posts videos and ideas, through which the whole society can benefit. One of the videos shows how you can make ear savers with a Glowforge required for front-line workers.

Vic Tac Toe

The focus of this YouTuber is animals! Victoria- the creator behind Vic Tac Toe, creates and shares unique items and loves doing fundraisers to help animals in need.

The Youtuber laser cuts all of her products in-house and all items are hand-painted.

If you wish to watch the tutorials and join her on her journey, you can subscribe to her YouTuber channel and visit her website:

Troy the Maker

If you wish to excel at making acrylic jewelry, you can check out the youtube page ‘Troy the Maker‘.

Apart from acrylic jewelry, the YouTuber also posts tutorials about making and designing other items such as wooden spoons, mystery puzzle box and many others.

Sam Can Do

From flower frames to decorated wallets, you can see through the videos on this channel that sam can indeed do anything Glowforge!

With her referral link, you can save up to 500 dollars on your Glowforge purchase and you can even win it for free during her occasional giveaways!

The Atlanta Maker

Ever thought of designing a space shuttle using Glowforge? Well, the Atlanta maker has you covered!

This YouTuber offers countless creative ideas focused around Glowforge. You can also participate in their occasional giveaway contests.

To check out some great Glowforge resources, you can also give a visit to their blog at:

Shirley Shackleford

A soul crafter and illustrator by profession, Shirley Shackleford uploads new videos on her youtube channel, which focuses on starting a business at home – be it a crafting business or a candle business.

A small business owner, Shirley shares her secrets and insights on her youtube channel, where you can ask her questions and she will be ever ready to reply!

To check out her designs, give a visit to:

Makers Workshop

Started out as a makers community known as maker space in Massachusetts, Michael and Brooke started posting regular videos about their projects on youtube through their youtube channel ‘makers workshop‘.

The videos include tutorials using digital tools like CNC Routers, Laser Cutters, and a 3D Printer.

The YouTubers focus on projects that incorporate multiple processes and share what they learn along the way to inspire you to make something too.

For more information about their projects, you can check out their website:

Lisa Potts Designs

Enhance your love for products with a plant-based theme by subscribing to Lisa Pott’s youtube channel.

You can look at numerous tutorial videos on this channel, such as how to use Silhouette Studio to create awesome products and send files to Glowforge.

You can also become a part of her Facebook community at

When Geeks Craft

A bunch of geeks, helping you out with tutorials focused around Glowforge.

Their latest video shares their experience about using Glowforge for over a year now and whether it works as perfectly as it did a year ago.

Nicole and Thure, the geeks behind when geeks craft, like to make cool stuff using their skills with epoxy resin, woodworking, laser cutting, 3D printing, painting, and model making.

You can also become a part of their geek community by visiting their Instagram page at

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