Best YouTube channel for crafting with Silhouette – Ideas, Inspiration and Tutorials

With demand for new designs and gift items rebounding around the world as the pandemic seems to near its end, crafters can make use of the silhouette cameo cutting machine to unleash their creativity and take on fun projects while also earning decent returns.

Thanks to Youtube, crafters can start their learning journey right from their homes and look for explainers and DIY videos which can prove to be highly helpful.

Don’t worry, to save your time, we have compiled a list of some of the best YouTubers who post regular videos that explain how to use the silhouette cutting machines while also providing the viewer with tons of new ideas!

Ante Up Graphic Supply

If you wish to start by learning how to operate the silhouette studio software, then this youtube channel can be your go-to source!

On Ante Up Graphic Supply, you will find video tutorials for the Silhouette cameo such as ‘How to Cut by Color in the Silhouette Studio Software’, and application tutorials for Heat transfer vinyl and adhesive vinyl.

You can also follow their Instagram channel:

Silhouette Inc.

Next up on the list is the master of all trades – the silhouette youtube channel. What better than learning from the brand that makes your favorite desktop cutting and DIY machines?

This channel teaches you how to use silhouette machines, materials, and software.

As their tagline goes, with the help of this youtube channel, you can “Dream it up. Cut it out.”

To visit their shop, click here:

Check out some new designs here:

Avanti Morocha

Avanti Morocha, the YouTuber behind the videos, is a graphic designer, Etsy Seller, and blogger obsessed with art in general, and just like you, she believes that craftiness is happiness.

On their Youtube playlist titled ‘Silhouette Cameo’, you can find tons of new ideas, offered in multiple languages.



Ken’s Kreations Home Decor DIY

With more than 100k subscribers, ‘Ken’s Kreations Home Decore DIY’ channel has so many helpful videos to offer, that this is the second time the channel has been featured on our blog.

With numerous playlists such as ‘silhouette cameo reviews and tips’ and ‘Ken from the car’, you can find the perfect mix of knowledge and fun!

Etched with Vinyl

A proud US Air Force wife and stay-at-home mom, Crystal has been into crafts for about 10 years or so.

When her husband surprised her with a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas in 2013, she immediately fell in love with the machine and decided to start her own craft business.

Through her youtube channel, ‘Etched with Vinyl’, Crystal makes videos to share what she has learned over the years. You can find numerous tutorials on how to create different things using a Silhouette Cameo and it’s software.

White Cottage Company

The goal of this YouTuber – Mary – is to inspire you all to take what you have and make it beautiful instead of getting rid of something that may still have value.

You can find a new video every week, offering you numerous design ideas and helpful content.

Silhouette School

While you may not have enjoyed your time in your actual school much, you are sure to love this youtube channel. As the name suggests, this youtube channel is all about Silhouette.

Thanks to their regular videos, you can find numerous Silhouette cameo videos Tutorials, beginner silhouette help, silhouette studio tricks, and troubleshooting.

To check out their blog, visit:

Makers Gonna Learn

Learn how to master your die cutting machine today with Makers Gonna Learn. On this channel, you will find ideas for beginners, design space for beginners, and DIY Inspiration using your die cutting machine, and tons of hacks that you are for sure going to enjoy!

You can also check out their website for more designs:

Andrea Walford

The YouTuber behind this channel, is a mixed media artist, card maker, Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, online instructor, and a mom to 5.

Yes, Andrea Walford handles it all while also sharing her experience on her youtube channel!

As a self-taught and creative woman, Andrea’s mission is to serve others and to help them discover and develop their creative gifts through card making and mixed media art.

In 2011, Andrea launched a video-based membership which quickly sky-rocketed into the largest and most comprehensive online library of paper crafting and mixed media video tutorials on the web.

Through that platform, Andrea had the privilege of teaching thousands of students worldwide.

After a 5 year sabbatical between 2015 and 2020, Andrea is back to sharing her creative gifts and passion.

You can also visit their website at

Crafty Life Mom

Have you ever wished you could be creative and DIY or decorate your home?

If the answer is yes, then ‘Crafty Life Mom’ is the perfect place to help you learn how to craft and celebrate a life you love by bringing you easy craft + simple DIY tutorials, organization, and craft business smarts.

As a fellow crafter, this YouTuber found that some women struggle with being crafty, figuring out what to make or how to even use their craft machines.

This YouTuber’s passion is to help such women overcome the craft hurdles they face.

You can also visit, which is a hub of creative project ideas you can easily recreate with designs included in any season.

You will also find how-tos and solutions to help you profit from the crafts you create.

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