Best YouTube channels for crafting with Cricut – Ideas, Inspiration and Tutorials

Hundreds of YouTubers, Bloggers and Instagrammers are sharing great ideas and tutorials for crafting! We thought to compile top YouTube channels for your quick reference to learn for your Cricut cutting machine.

Here is the list. Kind note: The following list is in random order.

Makers Gonna Learn

By Tanner Bob Bell

Learn how to master your die cutting machine with Makers Gonna Learn.

Makers Gonna Learn has a huge number of subscribers; you can follow/subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Makers Gonna Learn hosts a membership program where you learn everything you need to know about Cricut machines and supplies: how to use Cricut maker, breaking down design space, and how to build a business with your die-cutting machine.

Tanner Bob Bell’s Instagram handle has plenty of ideas and inspiration too!

Auntie Tay

By Tanea Devriend

A Crafting enthusiast turned entrepreneur. Auntie Tay has an awesome collections of playlists Disney Princesses, Cutting Products, Halloween Crafts, RoomTours, Cups Bling and Beginner Cricut Tutorials, and more!

You can learn a lot more with Auntie Tay’s YouTube channel.

Auntie Tay has a beautiful website where they offer products to buy, membership and business inquiries.

Auntie Tay has a fab Instagram presence.

Kayla’s Cricut Creations

Want to learn how to use your Cricut machine and what you can make with it? You will find dozens of tutorials and inspirations on Cricut design space tutorials, Adhesive Vinyl, Cardstock projects, Cricut hacks, Fonts, Cut hacks, Christmas projects and more

Kayla’s Cricut Creations YouTube Channel.

You learn a lot from Kayla’s Cricut Creations on their Instagram handle too!

Jennifer Maker

Jennifer Maker has amazing tutorials, inspirations and projects for anyone who wants to learn crafting with Cricut machines. She has a super popular Facebook group and the finest website with all that you need to get the best out of your Cricut machines.

Jennifer Maker’s channels:

YouTube Channel

Facebook Group




Lorrie Nunemaker

Lorrie’s YT channel focuses on DIY Crafts, including tutorials with the Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore, Sewing, Sublimation, Home Decor and other DIY projects.

Lorrie is an active blogger too! Find more inspirations on her blog and Instagram.

Melody Lane

She is a Cricut product expert and enabler for all things Cricut and crafty! Her work, tutorials and projects are a must for every Cricut machine user!

Find Melody Lane’s work on her YouTube channel and she has a presence on all social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Melody Lane hosts a membership program on Patreon.

Debbie O’Neal

Debbie is Cricut Product Expert and she shares crafting techniques and Design Space software tips on her YouTube channel.

Debbie has a vibrant Facebook group and also Website.

Maymay Made It Crafts

Her YouTube channel has ideas and inspirations that anyone can learn and make crafts!

You can find her work on the web in various channels: maymaymadeit.comPinterestFacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Gina K. Designs

Gina K. Designs StampTV is a channel for crafters! You find high-quality card making, crafting and paper crafting videos every week on YouTube Channel.

Her projects and inspirational work are also on Pinterest, FacebookInstagram and website.

Corinne Blackstone

Corinne’s YouTube channel has tutorials and projects which makes your learning curve a bit less daunting.

You can find Corinne’s work on Pinterest, FacebookInstagram and website.

DIY Alex

Alex’s YouTube channel has fantastic tutorials on using a Cricut to create amazing wedding crafts, beginner craft tutorials, screen printing, epoxy tumblers, and more!

If you are looking to learn wedding crafts, we found DIY Alex has the best tutorials.

You can follow DIY Alex’s work on various channels such as Pinterest, FacebookInstagram and Cricut Brides and Wedding Crafts.

Angie Holden

Her YouTube channel has easy to follow video tutorials to learn Cricut design space and Cricut cutting machines! The channel playlists covers Cricut Joy Projects, Cricut Explore Projects, Cricut Maker Projects, Wedding Crafts, Farmhouse Style, Spring Crafts, Mason Jar Crafts, Hot Glue Crafts and Kids Crafts.

You can find more work on Pinterest, FacebookInstagram, and website.

Lauren Laski

Lauren Laski’s YouTube channel has a new tutorial, tips, and tricks every week! The channel playlists covers

Vinyl Crafts How To with Your Cricut HTV and Iron-On Vinyl Crafts Sticker Paper Crafts Storage Ideas Cardstock Crafts Glass Crafts

You can follow Lauren Laski’s channels on Facebook and Instagram.

Charmaine Galloway

Charmaine Galloway’s YouTube channel has Cricut DIY, Cricut Tutorials, and Sublimation Tutorials.

Karley Hall

Karley Hall’s YouTube channel has fantastic tutorials for Cricut design space, Sublimation, Fonts, Starbucks Caps and more.

Mr. Crafty Pants – Cricut Tutorials

Michael’s YouTube channel has Cricut tutorials for beginners, projects, and inspirations. You get new tips and tutorials multiple times every single week.

You can find more ideas from Michael’s work on his Pinterest, Facebook GroupInstagram and Blog.

Crifty Crafty

Crifty Crafty’s YouTube channel has tutorials and ideas for

Multi-Material Projects Cardstock Print & Cut Cricut Design Space Essentials Vinyl Techniques Cricut Essentials Cricut Maker Specific Knockout

Crifty Crafty has a very active Facebook Group and Instagram.

Cece D Smith

Cece’s YouTube channel is for Cricut newbies! She actively shares ideas and inspiration for all things Cricut!

You can find Cece’s work on Pinterest and Instagram too.

Paige Joanna

Paige Joanna’s YouTube channel covers online tutorials, creative projects with Cricut and a lot more!

She has an awesome website covering her wide range of work and also her social channels like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Love That Bug

You will find All Things Crafty with Cricut, Silhouette, and Brother Scan N Cut cutting machines!


Zhannastar’s YouTube channel has great tutorials for Cricut and also many DIY crafts.

You can also follow Zhannastar’s work on Instagram.

Carole’s Cricut Crafts

Carole’s Cricut Crafts YouTube channel has awesome ideas and great projects created using Cricut Design Space and Cricut Design Space iPad app.

Crafting with April

Crafting with April’s YouTube channel has live streaming sessions (every Monday) and crafting tutorials for Cricut cutting machines and Design Space tutorials.

Crafting with April also has a membership program on Patreon, an active Facebook Group, Pinterest and Website too.

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