Cricut Design Space, It’s a pain

Cricut has the best cutting plotter and machines. We all crafters love it! However, the design space by Cricut makes life hard. This post highlights all the pains as expressed by design space users on the web. The intention is to let Cricut know and improve the Design space.

Crashes regularly: While the developers claim that their app is amongst the best ones, customers complain that the Cricut design space app crashes so frequently that they are tired of re-doing their projects again and again. Most of the time, as customers complained, the app crashes in the middle of a project!

No option to upload patterns: If you desire an app using which you could upload your patterns and beautify them further, then Cricut design space might not be suitable for you.

Expensive subscription: The app offers a free trial of just 14 days, in which you can only avail most of the projects by only a paid subscription! When you think of actually getting a subscription, you will find out it costs somewhere between $8 to $10 a month!

Limited Designs: Even if you somehow end up getting the subscription, the lack of diversity such as a lack of designs, an autosave feature and many other features might disappoint you.

Terrible mobile experience: The DS layout is totally different and much harder to use on mobile – leaving you with less flexibility. If you had planned to edit your designs on your phone, then their mobile app is something that you wouldn’t even want to touch!

Super slow: We all know how much dedication of time and resources setting up and working on a cutting machine can take and the last thing that you would expect from a design app is that it ends up taking tons of your time and resources or simply wastes your precious time. You wouldn’t want to wait half an hour to write a four-letter text after all!

Complicated UI:

When a user first opens up the app, it feels nothing like a design app. It might look like you were about to launch a space mission from your phone or laptop! The complicated user interface can confuse you, and you might have to spend hours and hours just to learn how to use the app.

Poor search outcomes:

The app shows poor search outcomes even when you type in the keywords.

Won’t recognize your email ID sometimes:

How would you feel when you open up the app, type in the correct credentials and the app says, ‘I don’t know about you! But I think your ID and password are incorrect!’. That’s right! Frequently, the app fails to even recognize the user’s email ID and password, and many customers complain that they end up uninstalling the app.

Connecting issue:

You have the design ready after hours of work and now it’s time to pair your machine with the app so you can proceed further. Surprise! If you somehow could pass on that slow text and complicated UI, now it’s time to sit back and wait for sometimes, even hours, as your app tries to connect to your Cricut. Most of the time, even after retrying multiple times, the app won’t connect to the machine.

No option to Edit a saved project:

After saving the project, if you somehow wish to beautify it by just giving it a little tweak here and here, that’s not an option available on the Cricut design space app!

Doesn’t save your last edits:

What a wonder auto-save option has been. But, well, does Cricut design space have such an option? Well, Nah. If you have spent hours on making your designs and suddenly the power goes off or your internet goes down, all your efforts have gone in vain. Many Cricut customers complain that the app doesn’t save their last edits and they have to re-do their projects multiple times.

Design Space Not user friendly:

No help option available for the android version. No way to see your uploaded images unless you search for an image name (which too, as we already mentioned, sometimes doesn’t work!).

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Design Space Doesn’t work offline:

If you don’t have an internet connection, good luck making projects! The app does not work in offline mode, so if you had made up a quick design and don’t have a stable internet connection at that moment, the only option available for you is to wait.

Every update has additional problems:

Usually, with updates come ‘better features’. But, it seems like, with the Cricut Design Space, every new update brings ‘better problems’! One frustrated Cricut customer wrote, “I think the app and software developers need to be fired, with every update a lot of things stop working and it’s very frustrating paying for a service and can’t get to use it because of some inability to complete a task”.

Limited features for android users when compared to IOS:

It seems like the Cricut Design Space team has a bias against android users. Countless android users complain that there are many features such as the snapmat feature, which are available for Apple products but not available for android.

Pairing issue:

If you had a bad time pairing your cutting machine to your laptop app, it will surprise you to see how much time the android app takes while pairing to the machine. One Cricut customer wrote in the review section, “I could not pair my phone to my Cricut in 2 months now. I am losing out on income because of this!”

Lags frequently:

The app constantly lags. Combined with the complex user interface, continuous lagging makes the interface even more frustrating!

When scrolling, it would jump back to top:

Suppose you scroll to find a design that you saved. You scroll, and the screen jumps back to the top, and this happens again and again and again. This is what many Cricut Design Space customers face daily!

90% of content is Cricut access:

If you plan to take a brief trip to learn how the app works by taking their free trial option, it would feel almost like you don’t have any option available to you, unless you pay the company! Some Cricut customers have complained that as much as 90% of the content available is only available via a subscription.

Lacks tools:

Even after you decide to pay the monthly fee, there are many tools which are not available on the app.

Design Space Screen goes blank:

As many customers reviewed, while working and designing, the screen would abruptly go white! So, you have to re-do your designs multiple times.

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Design Space Terrible customer service experience:

The last thing you would want after purchasing a ‘not so worth it’ subscription plan is to get an even more terrible customer service experience. Some customers complain that they had to wait for at least an hour to just speak to a customer service executive. 👇

Saved projects disappear:

While saving your projects using the Cricut design space app seems to be a war, if you somehow won that war and saved your projects, boom! They may disappear anytime! One customer wrote, “I’m not sure what’s going on, but the app is NOT functioning properly. All of my saved projects disappeared.”

Long download time:

You will have a tough time trying to download your projects, as one customer wrote ‘It takes forever to download’.

Some buttons don’t work

The ‘customise’ button opens a blank page, the ‘make it’ button too doesn’t seem to work for many customers.

Terrible Chromebook experience:

As mentioned, apple users get a better experience of the app than android users. As a result, the Chromebook app is super buggy and crashes constantly.

Expensive combo:

Cutting machine + additional resources + an expensive app subscription, this entire package makes the combo very expensive.

Terrible uploading time:

While many android customers complain that the app doesn’t even have an upload option, apple users, who enjoy the benefits of the upload button, too seem to have a tough time as the app takes forever to upload.

Constant updates:

It seems like every time you open up the app, there’s a new update! And every new update brings additional problems. One user wrote, “I am so disappointed in the software, I regret every penny I have spent on my multiple machines”.

Limited functions:

No free clip art, no uploading of original artwork, bad sorting or simply lack of content under suggested categories, terrible default kerning – these are just some of the many functions which the app lacks.

Install, reinstall, repeat till infinity:

Once your app crashes and you reinstalled it, there’s a high chance that you will remain stuck in just reinstalling the app repeatedly because every once in a while, the app crashes.

Doesn’t even connect:

Sometimes the pair button doesn’t even show up. When it does, you might have to connect and disconnect your Cricut cutting machine repeatedly, even when you have high-speed internet.

Wastage of resources:

The app crashes in the middle of cutting and then you can’t resume. As a result, it proves to be a waste of vinyl, other resources and your precious time.

Lack of free fonts and templates:

The Design Space app doesn’t offer the user many required options when it comes to the number of available free fonts and templates.

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