Mandalas in Brushkite

Why are Mandalas so popular among Crafters?

If you are a crafter or you own a laser cutter, you might have seen the internet explode with mandala designs. Have you ever wondered why Mandala designs are so popular?

Mandalas represent Chakras, which represents a broader meaning of life, our inner self or the universe. The word “Mandala” has been derived from the Sanskrit meaning circle.

Mandala designs are popular as they are symmetric and can be designed using various shapes and on various materials. Mandalas can be found in paintings, coloring books, henna designs, wall arts, 3D paper cuts, woodcut mandalas, logo designs, monogram designs and more.

Where can you get Mandala designs for your Cutting machine?

The best Mandala designs are not free. You can buy the most amazing 3D mandalas on MaWood Shop on Etsy. They range from $6 to $20 for the layered SVG files.

You can get some free files on the internet to start with. You can find some free mandala files on to try out on your Cricut or Silhouette machines on the specialheartstudio website.

What are the tools available to design Mandalas?

There are very few or no software or online tool available to design mandalas with vector output. Most of the tools available are either a kaleidoscopic drawing app or an image-based mandala designer.
We have some of them listed out here for you.

We have some of them listed out here for you.

Mandala Maker Online

The mandala maker online is an online tool that you can use to draw on a sector-based canvas. You can pick background color and line color to start drawing on the stage.

Output formats – Low quality PNG

Mandala Gaba

Mandala Gaba is another online tool that allows you to draw on a sector-based drawing canvas similar to the above tool. You can also fill the outlines with different colors. They allow you to save and share your design on the social media.

Output formats – Low quality PNG

Staedtler Mandala Creator

Staedtler is one of the easiest tools online to design mandalas. You can choose different sections and design templates and place them on the stage to create your own mandalas.

Output format – Raster PDF. Low quality image embedded in a pdf file.

What are 3D Layered Mandalas? How can they be designed?

3D Mandalas or 3D Layered Mandalas as the name says are mandala designs stacked or layered on top of each other. These designs got popular among craft makers and laser cutters. Crafters could use basic cardstocks to stack the mandala layers on top of each other. At the same time, laser cutting machine owners could use several different materials like wood, chipboards etc. to create decorative mandala designs.

The layered 3d mandala designs can be designed starting from a basic mandala design and offsetting the same below the top layer. While creating a 3d mandala design, we need to make sure the design is cuttable, i.e., the design elements are not too thin to be layered, especially on cardstocks. You can use any vector designing tool such as Illustrator or free tools like Inkscape to design the mandala layers.

How can you design a 3D Layered Mandala using Brushkite?

Brushkite is the only application available to design 3d mandalas. Designing a 3d mandala is made very easy for everyone. Just a few clicks and you generate the gorgeous mandala all layered and ready to cut.

  1. Select a 3d mandala template from the list. There are two types of mandala designs to choose from, a general mandala and a shape mandala.
  2. Select the sections for various portions to see the 3d mandala being generated on the stage.
  3. Download the full-colored and layered SVG file for your cutting machines.

How do you convert a 3D Mandala to a single color 2D Mandala?

Brushkite is again the only application available which converts a 3d mandala designed in the app to a 2d mandala with just a click of a button. You can use the single-layered output SVG to print, cut, to make embroidery, crochet, foil quill etc.

How can you create 3D Mandalas from any image?

If you want to design a mandala from any shape, you need to select the cat or the elephant template. Once you select the template, you can see the top layer of the template on the stage. You can change the shape by choosing your own graphics from the graphics panel. You either select from the graphics list or upload your own image (know more). Once you select your graphics from the panel, you can see the shape layer on the stage in a few seconds. You can now select the sections for various portions to see the 3d mandala being generated on the stage.

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