Tools to design Mandala

Creating mandala arts online has been a tough job for a long time. If a creator ever looks for tools that could help make mandalas, he/she first has to pass the tiring task of searching for a good service online.

Even when one finds a mandala maker, the user may have to face the limitations of crucial features such as shapes like circles, diamonds, flowers, braid, pie, width, alpha, draw points, and many more.

To save the users from this long and tiring task, we have compiled a list of the top 10 mandala maker tools that are available online:

Mandala Maker Online


With this super easy mandala generator, you can create beautiful mandalas even without prior knowledge.

Just draw inside the circle and make your own beautiful Mandala, and the online mandala painter will help you make the most beautiful mandalas.

You can pick a color for your mandala background and your preference for line and start drawing.

Output format–Low-quality PNG

Color Mandala


Using, you get two options – to either color an already designed mandala or design a new mandala.

You can choose from various options if you wish to color designed mandalas. If you design a new mandala, you can avail of various shapes such as diamond, polygon, flower, and many more.

You can also download your designs as PDF and JPEG files or directly print your mandala designs.

STAEDTLER Mandala Creator


While using Staedtler, you get options to select layers, layer size, layer rotation, edit pattern, pattern size, pattern rotation, and many other items.

You may print mandala art or download it as a PDF. One important thing to note is that the output created by this web service contains a watermark on the top of the art.

Output format–Raster PDF. Low quality image embedded in a pdf file.


Free allows you to create mandala art on their online canvas. You can use tools such as radial symmetry, triangular tessellation, square tessellation, hexagonal tessellation, spacing, line, fill, background color, color picker, and many more.

Output formats–Low-quality PNG


Free + Premium services at subscription

Out of all the applications we have listed here, Brushkite is the only application that allows you to design ‘3d mandalas’. In just a matter of a few clicks, you can generate a gorgeous mandala, all layered as per your creativity and ready to cut.

Brushkite is also the only application available that converts a 3d mandala designed in the Brushkite app to a 2d mandala with just a button’s click. You can use the single-layered output SVG to print, cut, to make embroidery, crochet, foil quill, etc.



Using Inkscape, you can create simple mandalas by just inputting a little information.

For drawing objects, you can use tools such as the Create rectangles and squares tool (F4), the Create circles, ellipses, and arcs tool (F5), and the Draw Bezier curves and straight lines tool (Shift+F6).



Drawerings offers many functions. For your Mandala, you may specify Mirror count, Mirror rotation, Line width, Background color, Line color, and much more.

However, it offers a limited amount of ink that can be used in making a mandala art.

Kaleidoscope Painter


Using this free online service, you can create Kaleidoscope and mandala arts. It contains many patterns that can be used in making mandala arts. You may also set the brush size, background color, dynabrush option, and auto draw option.



Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and design program developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. By using a symbol tool in Illustrator, you can create mandalas just by creating patterns on one piece.



This is a simple to use online tool to create mandalas. Just click on the site link and you will land on a canvas-like page. Next, with just the click of the mouse, you can create beautiful mandala designs.

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